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Working Papers

  • “Access to Elite Education, Wage Premium, and Social Mobility: The Truth and Illusion of China’s College Entrance Exam,” (with Ruixue Jia), 2016.   Jia and Li.pdf
  • “Labor Market Experience and Returns to Education in Rapidly Developing Economies,” (with James Liang and Binzhen Wu), under submission, 2016.  Li Liang Wu.pdf
  • “Do Fines Reduce Fertility?” (with Junsen Zhang), 2016.
  • “The Economic Benefits of Higher Education: Evidence from China’s Policy Experiments under Mao,” (with Lingsheng Meng), 2016.
  • “Air Pollution and Birth Weight: Evidence from China’s Huai River Policy,” (with Yuyu Chen, Avraham Ebenstein and Michael Greenstone), 2015.
  • “Do China’s State-Owned Enterprises Pay More?” (with Xinzheng Shi and Rui Wang), 2015.
  • “Imported Technology and Skill Premiums: Evidence from China,” (with Lei Li and Hong Ma), 2015.
  • “Adjusting to Really Big Changes: The Labor Market in China, 1989-2009,” (with Wei Chi and Ricard Freeman), NBER Working Papers 17721, 2012.