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Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • “Long-term Effects of China’s Great Famine in Hong Kong and Mainland China,” (with Douglas Almond, Lena Edlund and Junsen Zhang), forthcoming in NBER Book on population issues in Asia 2009.
  • “Income, Income Inequality, and Health: Evidence from China.” (with Yi Zhu) in Understanding Inequality and Poverty in China, ed., Guanghua Wan, April 2008, New York: Palgrave Macmillan
  • “Firm Dynamics in Economic Transition: Evidence from a Chinese Science Park” (with Quanlin Gu, Weiying Zhang and Li-an Zhou), in Growth of New Technology Ventures in China’s Emerging Market, edited by Haiyang Li, 2007, Edward Elgar: MA, USA.
  • “Gender Earnings Differentials in Hong Kong,” (with Chung Man Lee and Junsen Zhang), in Mainstreaming Gender in Hong Kong Society, edited by Fanny Cheung and Eleanor Holroyd, 2009, Chinese University of Hong Kong Press: Hong Kong